Pregnancy & Paediatrics


Both Dr Robyn and Dr Charlotte have undertaken postgraduate study in pregnancy and paediatrics and are available to adjust children from newborn through to teenage years as well as pregnant mothers. Chiropractors can assess women at any stage of their pregnancy.

Most children are not scared by Chiropractic, and given our doctors use appropriate techniques for them, keep them assured and make consultations and adjustments fun and interesting for them, almost all children feel quite comfortable in our practice.

Dr Robyn has 3 young children of her own and Dr Charlotte has spent a lot of time with children throughout her life also. Both are very comfortable and good with children, even those with learning disabilities or those with varying levels of autism, so your children will be in good hands at Yass Chiropractic.

With the right Chiropractic adjustments and specific exercises, most children can properly integrate their nervous system. This will support their development both physically and neurologically. If you have any questions about your child’s development or Chiropractic care, please don’t hesitate to call Yass Chiropractic or speak to your Chiropractor.