Pregnancy & Paediatrics


Most women go through pregnancy at some point in their lives. Dr Robyn has undertaken a number of postgraduate seminars in both pregnancy and paediatrics and is more than capable of assessing and adjusting newborns, toddlers, young children, older children, teenagers and women at any stage of pregnancy.

Chiropractors can assess women at any stage of their pregnancy. Chiropractic care during any part of a woman’s pregnancy should be quite safe, even in the first trimester, and even during labour. Dr Robyn uses some different techniques to assess things that become important during pregnancy, labour and birth. One of these techniques is called 'Webster's technique' and it focuses on Round Ligament tension. These are the ligaments that are attached to the sides of the uterus and are the only ligaments in the body that have muscular attachments as well, allowing the uterus to swell in size to accommodate the growing baby. Aside from helping the whole body to be well aligned, Dr Robyn specifically likes to make sure the pregnant woman's entire pelvic region is in good alignment. The sacrum in the lower back, particularly, has a very important role to play during the birthing process (especially if you are having a natural birth). It may even be a good idea for a woman to be under Chiropractic Care before she becomes pregnant because multiple studies show that women under Chiropractic care generally have faster and less painful labours and births.

Babies are generally a joy for most people, but they can seem a handful, too. First-time parents, especially, often struggle with understanding the cues from their baby, and this may be the cause of some distress. Colic and reflux are things most parents never want to have to deal with. However, Chiropractic care may be able to help with conditions such as colic and reflux. Chiropractic care of babies is very gentle. Their bones are developing and there is a lot of cartilage instead of bone in newborns, so gentleness is the key. Babies also have certain ‘reflexes’ that are meant to become integrated into their nervous system over time, so that they can develop into healthy and responsive children and adults. Dr Robyn can do certain tests to check if these neonatal reflexes are present, or integrating as they should over time.

Cranial work is often utilised to help with conditions such as plagiocephaly (misshapen skull). Gentle soft tissue techniques may also be used (eg stomach fascia release) for other problems. Chiropractors may often focus on the skull (cranials), upper cervical spine and sacro-iliac joints when assessing babies, due to these being very important in a baby’s developing nervous system, but all spinal areas are checked for subluxations. Gentle techniques such as SOT and Activator are often used on babies. It is very rare that a manual technique needs to be used on a newborn, but even it is, it is still a gentle adjustment – and it is always modified for the baby so that just the right amount of force is used without reducing the specificity of the adjustment. More on this under “Dr Robyn and baby Max” at the right of this page.

Most children are not scared by Chiropractic, and given Dr Robyn uses appropriate techniques for them, keeps them assured and keeps it fun and interesting for them, almost all children feel quite comfortable in a Chiropractic setting. Dr Robyn also has 2 young children of her own and has spent a lot of time around children in her life and is highly comfortable around children, even those with learning disabilities or those on the autism spectrum. So your children will be in good hands under the care of Dr Robyn. It is important to note that children cannot be considered 'mini-adults' per se until they're about 7 years old, as they have a developing nervous system, so it is vitally important for a Chiropractor to have different techniques up their sleeve when assessing and adjusting children. Dr Robyn uses a variety of tests to figure out nervous system issues in children. The tests are age-appropriate for the child being checked and if problems are found, Dr Robyn will re-test at later stages to see how the child is improving with his or her nervous system functionality. Occasionally, certain exercises may be given to help integrate the nervous system, as sometimes neonatal reflexes do not integrate when they are meant to. The good news is that with the right Chiropractic adjustments and specific exercises, most children can properly integrate their nervous system.