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Doctor Robyn Stephenson - Chiropractor (BChiroSc MChiro)

Dr Robyn

I first saw a Chiropractor when I was 11 years old. My mother was very happy with her chiropractic treatments for her chronically sore lower back so the Chiropractor suggested my sister and I be checked for vertebral subluxations. It was probably just as well I saw the Chiropractor - I'd been doing gymnastics and had also suffered a few trips and falls when I was younger (two of which resulted in broken bones). It was the Chiropractor who pointed out that I had yet another fracture, this time in my lumbar spine (called a ‘spondylolisthesis’), when viewing my X-rays. Since then I’ve only broken a little toe – but I’ve managed to have a few sprawls, sprain a few joints and bulge a few discs. I guess living life has its downfalls!

Exercise has always played an important part in my life - tennis, hockey, yoga, rock-climbing, gymnastics, bushwalking, cycling, ultimate frisbee, swimming, running, soccer, squash, pilates, swing dancing etc. You name the sport, I’ve probably tried it! Pilates, tennis, swing dancing, walking and cycling are my favourites. I try to drink plenty of water and get enough sleep – the latter being a bit tricky with a baby, sometimes! For many years now I have also consulted with qualified health practitioners: Chiropractors, Massage therapists, GPs, Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists, Naturopaths, Psychologists, Optometrists, Dentists, Midwives and others. I have also had to modify my diet quite a lot because of not only my children’s allergies and intolerances but also my own intolerances. Our house is now gluten, dairy, chocolate, soy and peanut free – and not only am I the best cook I’ve ever been (nothing like a challenge to bring out one’s best!), my headspace has never been better and I’ve never been healthier. Going gluten-free was one of the best health decisions I ever made.

I was almost run off my feet in recent years with my two very active little children (only 17 months apart), along with two bouts of PND, but with a bit of help I got through it all. Now with a third child on board (and no PND in sight!), life is even busier, but it’s good. I had 2 homebirths (both with a midwife) and then a freebirth (with just my husband); I’ve never been one to do things the ‘normal’ way! But these were the right decisions for me and my family and everything worked out well at each birth.

During my breaks, I have often travelled. I've been to Europe, the USA, northern Africa, SE Asia, some of the Pacific Islands and all over Australia. I’d still like to visit Antarctica, New Zealand, Italy, Iceland and Iran – and plenty of other countries as well.

Travelling and sport aside, my two biggest passions are actually for my family and Chiropractic; these two keep me going. Other interests in my life are: music & playing the piano, philosophy, cooking, reading, astrology, movies, the environment, geology, politics, astronomy, genealogy, anthropology and animals; I am even considering undertaking Animal Chiropractic! Having this great love of learning, I attend Chiropractic seminars every year which keep me up-to-date with Chiropractic. It's always wonderful learning new information or just consolidating what I have already learned.

Before Chiropractic, I completed a Geology degree through UTS in Sydney, but due to no jobs, I had to rethink my future. I’d always liked anatomy and was finally ready to undertake Chiropractic in my early 20s. I also spent 5 years working in administration at WorkCover NSW in an Inspectorate team; that was a great eye-opener to workplace health and safety.

I grew up in Sydney and still travel there occasionally to visit family and friends and attend seminars. I've lived in the Canberra and Yass districts since 2006 and now my family & I have moved to Rye Park where we enjoy running some goats, alpacas and chickens on our small acreage.


Keeping Sharp

Being an active member of the Gonstead Chiropractic Society of Australia, Dr Robyn enjoys participating in ongoing Gonstead seminars and workshops so you can be provided with very specific Chiropractic Care. The most recent Gonstead seminar was in April 2017.
Dr Robyn has been an active member of SOTO Australasia (Sacro-Occipital Technique) over the years and has undertaken SOT seminars to refresh technique, most recently in September 2018.

Being a member of a Chiropractic Association or Society is not a legal requirement for being a Chiropractor but many Chiropractors find it helps them in their practice of Chiropractic. Dr Robyn is of course legally registered as a Chiropractor under National Registration laws (through AHPRA) and thoroughly enjoys undertaking seminars that are offered to the Chiropractic Profession.

Elsa Udney - Acupuncturist


I studied a bachelor degree if Health Science, specialising in Acupuncture in Brisbane.

I now live and practice acupuncture in Canberra ACT, and surrounds.

I have a special interest in pain management and work as the in-house Acupuncturist for a specialist clinic as part of a multidisciplinary team in Canberra, at Capital Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic as well as clinic space at Yass Chiropractic.

In addition to acupuncture, I am also a qualified Tui Na therapist, providing manual therapy as an adjunct to acupuncture.

Josh Faulkner - Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner


As a husband and father of 4 beautiful kids I know as well as most that family comes first and self-development was always a means for me to be a better father and husband. All the stressors (financial, emotional, and physical) take their toll on all of us, but my family and I are grateful to call our farm in Yass a home for the past 6 years.

Having always held a level interest in psychology, when the opportunity to study hypnotherapy came along, I couldn’t say no! There are so many applications for this modality - performance coaching and fitness, child development, mental health, business and retail. Learning everything I could about how we as human beings operate on a subliminal level just seemed like such an empowering and life-fulfilling skill to acquire.

The journey in studying hypnotherapy and NLP was magical however, it wasn’t until I was afforded my own major life challenge that I saw just how powerful these techniques can be. With that in mind I am passionate in supporting others in their life ambitions and helping my clients overcome the hurdles of mental health issues and even low level stressors, including addictions and relationship issues (including material relationships i.e. financial).

I specialise in supporting clients to overcome their experience of anxiety and depression. Having overcome an anxiety disorder myself, I know what it takes and want to share this knowledge to enrich as many lives as I can in order to alleviate the unnecessary suffering. My experience with anxiety was my awakening to a life I had never perceived before. Today, I continue to work in the public sector, run a farm and a hypnotherapy practice, as well as being part of a big, beautiful and busy family. Working through Yass Chiropractic has now created a hub for our town to have all the mind and body wellness needs of the community well catered for.

Kate Caldow- Paediatric Physiotherapist


I'm the principal therapist of Country Children’s Physiotherapy.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy from Charles Sturt University and have over 15 years of experience working in paediatrics.

I've worked within public hospitals, private practices, community health services and sporting settings both within Australia and the United Kingdom.

I am experienced at treating most paediatric conditions and have a special interest in paediatric orthopaedics, serial casting and developmental delay.

​I am also certified in the use of Prechtl's Method on the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements.

Lauren - Chiropractic Assistant


I began my interest in Chiropractic when my first child was just a baby and I was very impressed with Dr Robyn’s work on my infant son. Chiropractic ended up helping me as well, and Dr Robyn adjusted me throughout my second pregnancy and continued to help both my daughter and I post-partum.

When Yass Chiropractic re-opened in 2015, I happily offered my skills to help Robyn with her front desk duties and neither of us have looked back!

As a Chiropractic Assistant, I now take care of the front desk at Yass Chiropractic and should you have any queries about anything at Yass Chiropractic, I’m more than happy to assist you.

When I’m not run off my feet being Robyn’s ‘work wife’, I have a wonderful family that also keep me very busy. I have interest in food, health, photography, comedy, and personal development, as well as being a private decluttering and organising coach.

I’ve studied Economics at the University of Queensland and continue to enjoy this area of academia with a particular focus on Behavioural Economics.

When I have some down-time, catching up with friends is always appreciated.  I love how time spent with good people can be uplifting and grounding at the same time.